Uncle told me about Photoshop first time when I was young. (around 12) Well i still look young even im 32. I was enthusiastic but Gaming world took me and I was totally sold. Our first PC back in days was IBM 400, gaming revolutionized. Sega and Playstations published their consoles and years went while playing. I was gamer!
Bought my first PC in 2001. Uncle gave me Photoshop and slowly started testing things. Gaming took victory all the way to 2010. I played all shooting and war games I could get my hands on. Grand theft auto and Battlefield  were the best games I got hooked for thousands of hours.
 People were making gaming videos/ streaming games online. Channels were showing highlights gaming moments, funny videos and montages etc. I was also excited making gaming videos to my channel but I was fool and not fully aware of Youtube rules and my channel got deleted. I lost everything I hardly  worked with, videos, subscribers and my interest for gaming. Decided never upload anything to Youtube.
2011 started learning more Photoshop and using it almost every week. Made first few years everything totally free and felt like I cant ask money  cause im not good enough.
New  Youtube channel  2014  and Gaming was almost dead for me. Main focus  on Photoshop.
I have learned everything by watching youtube tutorials. i am stunned theres already people who admire my work and i have inspired them to start using photoshop. All kinds of feedback motivates me more !
Now 2017 been working with Gamers, Streamers , Companys and providing all kinds of content. Still mainly based aroung gaming. Wallpapers, Banners, Layouts, Cartoon characters, Logo designs etc.
Started recording Photoshop tutorials and speedart videos if youre interested go check them out :)

Determination and hard working eventually pays off.
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Some my latest works!


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